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About LED Bollard Light Fixtures

LED bollard posts provide light and an added decorative look to pathways, walkways, parking areas and landscapes. These lights also provide and extra level of security by improving visibility in low light areas. Bollard lights are typically low out-put providing ambient light which makes LED the perfect choice. With the lower wattages from LED, you can realize even more energy savings!

Available in multiple configurations and designs, the bollard lights from are commonly found in round or square designs and are approximately 3-1/2' tall. We can customize the colors, light distribution, and even the height needed for your specific application. Give us a call at 866-308-9455 Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm CST. Our product lighting experts can help you through your next LED bollard install. From your ideas to our proof of concept with photometric layouts we can provide the complete end-to-end lighting solution saving you precious time and money!

If there is any product you would like to see listed in our LED bollard category or on our website let us know by sending an email to!