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  • Complete LED sports lighting package including LED Helios fixtures, custom steel sports poles, brackets, and Glare Killer systems.
  • LED Helios light fixtures equipped with Glare Killer systems to minimize spill in residential area.
  • 470w LED Helios light fixtures on custom tapered steel light poles for baseball diamond lighting project in small town of Mount Calvary.
  • Custom sports light poles and 470w LED light fixtures for baseball field lighting project in small town, USA.
  • Glare Killer systems installed on LED Helios light fixtures virtually eliminate spill and glare in residential area.

#6964: Small Town of Mount Calvary Baseball Diamond | Complete Sports Lighting Package

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Product Description

Project Profile

Application Baseball Diamond
Install Type New Install
Number of Poles 6
Number of Brackets 6
Number of Fixtures 48
Number of GlareKillers 48

Project Overview

Through community support, the Mount Calvary Athletic Club was able to raise the funds to begin “Phase One” of it's field lighting project starting with the softball diamond at the athletic complex. The athletic club was in need of a quality lighting partner that could help them execute this large project, and after an extensive review process, the committee selected Light Poles Plus.

The complete softball lighting package designed by LPP features 48 cutting-edge 470w LED, high output 6-engine Helios Olympia light fixtures mounted on one 80’ and five 70’ round tapered steel sports light poles. The field adheres to IES Class III standards with 50/30 foot candles for infield and outfield light levels. Equipped with innovative GlareKiller technology, the Helios fixtures minimize light spill which is vital for this athletic complex located in a residential area.

In addition, the installation proactively prepared for the next phases of the project. Light poles were equipped with brackets to mount speakers for a sound system, and also configured to help light the neighboring baseball diamond.

The biggest takeaway for the committee in charge of lighting the field – how easy it was for the small town to accomplish. The group was very impressed by the ease of executing the project and is excited to begin implementing Phase Two. By selecting Light Poles Plus, a knowledgeable and local partner, Mount Calvary Athletic Club not only successfully lit the softball diamond but also set the stage for the future.

Customer Testimonial

“Our goal was to have these lights up in 2019, and here we are! We really did accomplish our goal with this project.”


“I think you can think big and keep it local at the same time. That was the greatest thing about dealing with you guys. You can turn small-town dreams into reality.”


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