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Energy & Maintenance Savings Calculator

Calculate Your Energy & Maintenance Savings!

Replacing your legacy lighting products with Light Poles Plus LED fixtures can result in significant cost savings. Calculate how much you can save on energy & maintenance costs by going LED!

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Maintenance Cost Savings Estimate

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Notice: This calculator is for informational purposes only and designed to assist customers evaluate the potential energy and maintenance savings achieved when upgrading from traditional lighting to LPP’s LED technology. While efforts have been made to use accurate assumptions based on customer and USA energy data, LPP makes no guarantees, express or implied.

*Maintenance savings estimations apply the following assumptions: 45 minutes per lamp only replacement, 60 minutes per lamp & ballast replacement, $175 per hour labor & equipment rates, $40 cost per lamp only replacement, $120 cost per lamp & ballast replacement, lamp replacement every 18 months, ballast replacement every 36 months.

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